Dog Days

I have a strange duality in my life.  I work a few blocks away from Wall Street, right near the NY Stock Exchange.  The financial center of the world.  But I commute about an hour each way and live a block away from the ocean.

This blog is basically about being stuck in New York when I would rather be elsewhere, and finding a way to make peace with that.  My mornings on the beach help me to do that.

One of the things I struggle with in my life is finding a way to conform to the ideals of an urban city dweller.  Trying to make myself do things that I feel little to no drive to do, like work long hours and save money.  Give me a computer and a guidebook and I will find the cheapest way to get from Cusco to La Paz by bus.  But I am not good at investing or saving money, or lets face it paying bills. That’s not me, not my personality.  In this city if you are not that type of person, you are punished.  Work hard, save money buy a house have kids, buy things for them, CONSUME.  I don’t want to consume, I want to experience.

Working in an office sucks.  It really drains your creativity and leaves little time for other things in ones life.  Coping mechanism, – my mind is in the clouds, and my heart is on the road.

Castle Clinton

Today I am going to explore Castle Clinton, seated deeply withing the beautiful Battery Park.  Another oddly warm winter day topping out in the high 50’s, it should be an excellent day for it.

A brief history of the Castle :

    Castle Clinton or Fort Clinton, once known as Castle Garden, is a circular sandstone fort now located in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan Island, New York City, in the United States. It is perhaps best remembered as America’s first immigration station (predating Ellis Island), where more than 8 million people arrived in the U.S. from 1855 to 1890. Over its active life, it has also functioned as a beer garden, exhibition hall, theater, public aquarium, and finally today as a national monument.

Thank you Wikipedia.  And off we go.

2:17, out the office door.  Setting off at a brisk pace towards Battery Park.

2:22 Arrive in Battery Park.  A lot of people walking around, enjoying the warm winter day.  If every winter was like this one people in this city would be a much happier bunch.

2:25  I help some tourists take photos with the harbor in the background.  They are from Spain and excited to chat for a minute with a native.  Shooting some of the downtown skyscrapers is definitely fun.

2:32, I make it over to Castle Clinton.  Not all that much to see, the kind of thing one would do well to dedicate like 20 minutes too tops.  Still having said that, an interesting part of NYC history for sure as it was the first point on immigration into all America for a time.  Maybe some of my own ancestors passed the gates here.


2:40, Wrapping up here.  Great day for a walk, cool Castle to walk through.


2:55 Back in the office in under 40 minutes.  Until next time!