Dog Days

I have a strange duality in my life.  I work a few blocks away from Wall Street, right near the NY Stock Exchange.  The financial center of the world.  But I commute about an hour each way and live a block away from the ocean.

This blog is basically about being stuck in New York when I would rather be elsewhere, and finding a way to make peace with that.  My mornings on the beach help me to do that.

One of the things I struggle with in my life is finding a way to conform to the ideals of an urban city dweller.  Trying to make myself do things that I feel little to no drive to do, like work long hours and save money.  Give me a computer and a guidebook and I will find the cheapest way to get from Cusco to La Paz by bus.  But I am not good at investing or saving money, or lets face it paying bills. That’s not me, not my personality.  In this city if you are not that type of person, you are punished.  Work hard, save money buy a house have kids, buy things for them, CONSUME.  I don’t want to consume, I want to experience.

Working in an office sucks.  It really drains your creativity and leaves little time for other things in ones life.  Coping mechanism, – my mind is in the clouds, and my heart is on the road.

Dog Day

Although my blog  is centered on lower Manhattan where I have my lunch time escapades, every week I would like to throw in a feature I call “Dog Days”.  About 4 months ago I adopted a rescue dog. This has been an interesting life experience.  The dog has a few behavior issues that we are working on.  She is also a very powerful, high energy dog.  Before you get a dog you think “I won’t mind getting up extra early to spend time with my dog!” In reality getting out of bed an hour earlier every day with the dog was, I will admit it, a struggle for me.  But something started to happen.  Every morning on our long walk, we would see the sun come up over the ocean.  Somehow, I went from feeling bitter about my shortened night sleep, to feeling that this hour in the morning is the best part of my day.  The only part of the day that really belongs to me. I still may not exactly be flying out of the bed, but once I am out there, I am loving it.  Especially since we have had such a warm winter. It also really inspired me to take more photos.  I try and bring the camera down a few times a week and snap pictures of the sunrise. The entire experience has made me coin this as “The Year of The Dog”.  I don’t know much about Chinese Astrology, and I have no idea if this is actually the year of the dog. But I think at least once a week I will post one of the pics here.