It had been a theory of mine for a while that sports often bring out the worst in people.  This was confirmed yesterday on my commute to work when I shared a train car with hundreds of drunk teenagers intent on smoking weed, smashing beer bottles, and other general mayhem on their way to the ticker tape parade held to honor The Giants Super Bowl win.

For those of you non New Yorkers out there who are unfamiliar with the phenomenon of the ticker tape parade….a little history :

“This time-honored tradition began in 1886 when President Grover Cleveland led a procession from Madison Square to Battery Park for the dedication of the Statue of Liberty. Young clerks, inspired by the sight, dumped the reels of paper that came from the “ticker,” a machine that continuously recorded the fluctuations of the stock market.

By an informal estimation, there have been more than 200 such parades since that first ticker-tape parade 125 years ago, honoring soldiers, astronauts and celebrated musicians. But since 1991, the ticker-tape parade has become almost solely reserved for sports champions.”

I had been thinking of stopping by the parade to watch and take some photos, but the general rowdiness of the crowd made me think twice about it. Instead I went down to Broadway when the parade was over to see what kind of messy piles of paper were left behind.


Extremely large police presence.  Not sure if this is supposed to make me feel safe or intimidated, but I am leaning towards intimidated.
Building facade, covered in paper.
Throwing all of this paper around must have been a blast.  But let’s be honest, this guys job kind of sucks.
I wouldn’t want to be the guy on the bottom left either.  Slightly slow reaction time, but somehow I am thinking that leaf blower is about to see some serious action.
If I had more time, I would have walked all the way up Broadway to see more of this kind of thing, but alas, work beckoned me back.  I am glad that I checked it out.


4 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. oh no, i had no idea about the aftermath while i was enjoying the parade. In fact, i had no choice but to enjoy it, since i was trapped there on my way to school 🙂 It’s a bit sad but the pictures look wonderful though. Thanks for the interesting ‘ticker’ story!

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